Love Letters from East Tennessee Doula Clients...

from Amanda U. :: Posted 4/12/2016

My husband and I knew we wanted to try a natural birth, and since this was our first baby and we had no idea what labor would be like, we decided to hire a doula. Martha was the first and only doula I interviewed. I immediately loved her personality, and was drawn to her willingness to help us with whatever birth we wanted (even if we changed our minds in the middle of labor). That openness to follow whatever we wanted was what first drew us to her.

We cannot imagine going through labor without Martha there with us.

Her knowledge about how to help labor progress was invaluable. She offered encouragement and guided us beautifully through my 46 hours of labor. Though we were wanting to have a natural labor, I'm not sure we could have done it without Martha's help. Her calm, assuring presence and invaluable knowledge were key ingredients to us having the labor we wanted. Her at-home pre and post-natal visits were a great bonus to hiring her, and helped us prepare for all the contingencies that might happen during labor. I cannot recommend Martha enough, and we will definitely be using her again with any future pregnancies!

from lori l. :: Posted 2/8/2016

cleveland tn woman giving birth

I knew that I wanted a doula for our second child after the birth of my first son didn't go how I wanted. I really wanted that extra support in my corner and that's exactly what Martha provided.

From our very first meeting Martha was a great source of knowledge and positivity. She answered all of my email questions in the weeks leading up to labor and even shared information with me that she thought would be helpful. When labor began she was so supportive.

Whether it was on the phone in early labor or after we arrived at the hospital, she was so helpful. I really feel like my labor would have been longer without her help. She was a calm, quiet, positive presence during labor and delivery. Just having her there gave me more confidence.

Martha was an integral part in achieving the natural birth that I wanted.

Her photography was also beautiful. The photos are incredible and capture the experience perfectly. 

from clarice p. :: Posted 12/05/2015

I knew that I wanted a doula to bring my baby girl into the world and I wanted to have someone to help my husband and I do it naturally. After our first visit with Martha, I felt like we were going to have a very positive birth experience. She was very positive, reassuring, and felt like family.

She came to our home for our next visit and went over some of the services and techniques that she uses (essential oils, peanut ball, breathing, positions) and i was very happy with our decision.

For the "big day" Martha was very reassuring, calming and reminded me of my birth plan whenever i thought that i couldnt go on with my natural childbirth experience. With her help, I was able to bring my 6lb15oz baby girl into the world naturally and with no stitches.

She was exactly what my family needed to make our family complete!

sweetwater woman with newborn

from beth :: Posted 10-25-2015

Martha has been absolutely fantastic! From beginning to end she was nothing but helpful and informative. She was always willing to share her knowledge on any subject that I asked about. Her photography was beautiful! The pictures that she took will be so meaningful to our family.

Thank you, Martha, for everything!!

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