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When you hire the East Tennessee Birth Photography team, you get an amazing team of birth photographers who are on-call for you, one of whom will be available for your birth to capture the height of emotions during your labor and delivery and the euphoria of meeting your baby for the first time.


Why should I hire a professional photographer? Can’t my partner or a family member take my photos?
Having a professional photographer present at your birth ensures that you will get the best photos possible because we have the experience, equipment and knowledge to handle tricky lighting situations. It also takes the pressure off your partner, nurses', doulas, etc to get the perfect shot --- instead they can just focus on supporting the birthing mother! (Plus dad doesn’t end up in as many pictures if he is the one taking them.)

I’m concerned for my privacy – will I have control over the pictures posted on your blog or portfolio?
Yes! We will absolutely get your permission before posting any shots of you, however we do hope you will allow us to showcase your experience in a tasteful way so that other moms can benefit from and be inspired by your photos.

How long will you be at my birth?
Your birth photographer will arrive at your birth once it is confirmed that you are indeed heavily in active labor (preferably around 5-6 cm) and she will stay afterwards for up to 60 minutes after birth to capture the baby’s first moments, measurements, etc.

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What if I have a c-section?
If you have a scheduled cesarean birth, then we would love to be a part of capturing those memories! If you have an un-planned cesarean after you hire us that occurs during your labor, then we continue as normal, documenting what is happening. Many area hospitals (including Erlanger) allow us in the operating room! Even if we are not allowed in the operating room, your birth photographer will be there waiting as soon as you are in a postpartum room.

My husband and I want this to be a quiet and intimate experience. I especially don’t want to feel like I'm being photographed by the paparazzi. Can you assure me having another person there won’t completely ruin the moment?
Your birth photographer will be as quiet as possible. We know what it’s like to labor. Many of us have personally been there. Your birth photographer will do her best to stay out of everyone’s way while still capturing the amazingness. She will NEVER use a flash. Each member of the East Tennessee Birth Photography team understands the sacredness of this event as well as your need to get in your "labor land" and not have unnecessary distractions from me, as your birth photographer! Plus, we will NEVER ask you to pose for a picture (unless you request a posed image).

Where will you come to photograph my birth? Our team members travel throughout most of East Tennessee, Chattanooga, Cleveland, and North West Georgia! We will happily come to your home if you are delivering there, or a birth center or hospital. It's wherever you need us!

What if something happens and you can't make it to photograph my birth?
That's the beauty of having a team of birth photographers at your fingertip (as you do when you hire the East Tennessee Birth Photography team)... you are pretty much guaranteed to have someone there to photograph your birth, unless you have a super fast labor or some other acts of God. (In which case, we have super reasonable alternatives!)

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Why do you have a team of birth photographers? Can I be guaranteed my favorite one? We absolutely welcome requests for individual birth photographers, but the amazing thing for you as a client of East Tennessee Birth Photography's team is that you have FOUR birth photographers in the area that can drop what they are doing to attend your birth. The beauty for us is that we don't all have to live our lives on-call 24/7. Martha personally vetted, interviewed, and carefully looked through each team member's birth photography to ensure that each birth photographer for East Tennessee Birth Photography is up to an AMAZING standard. You won't be disappointed! So, when the time comes for your baby to arrive, we simply give you the number of your photographer that is on call (MEET OUR TEAM HERE to learn about which photographer will be joining you) and it's that easy!

So... how much and what's included? When you hire the East Tennessee Birth Photography team, at least one of our experienced birth photographers will be on call 24/7 starting at week 37 of your pregnancy. To get to know each other a little better before your birth, you are welcome to do a Skype or FaceTime call sometime during your 3rd trimester. When you are in labor, your photographer will join you when you are in active labor and stay for 60 minutes after your baby is born. Your birth photography fee covers our on-call period, the actual birth photography and includes a private online gallery where you can download your digital images, as well as an emotional highlight slideshow from your birth. The total fee due for your birth photography is $875.

Do you offer traditional Newborn photos with props and wardrobe? We offer a Lifestyle Fresh 48 Session during the first 2 days after you return home with baby. As a group of Lifestyle Photographers, we focus on the moments — cuddles with big sister, nursing with mom, smiles at dad (maybe it’s gas?). These Fresh 48 Sessions capture baby in her natural surroundings, low stress and on her schedule. We do not offer traditional newborn sessions with props, studio lights and wardrobe changes. If you book us for your birth photographers and are interested in a traditional Newborn session, we have a list of wonderful photographers to refer you to for that type of session.

I want to book East Tennessee Birth Photography! Now what?
Woohoo! We would love to photograph your birth! We require a $500 booking fee to reserve your spot on our calendar (the remaining amount is due by 37 weeks).

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