toilet labor

The Labor Throne


Porcelain throne, potty, toilet, can, facility... Whatever you call it, the toilet is a labor HAVEN for some mamas. Yes, I see you raising an eyebrow, just hear me out....

Do I mean to tell you that when you're in your most vulnerable state, half naked, contracting, and about to pull your hair out that you should move your labor party into the bathroom of all places?

Sure thing!

You see, all of our lives we have learned to relax on the toilet in order to... well... get the job done.

So, your body automatically opens up and relaxes when your tush hits the toilet seat. 

Toilet sitting is especially useful for "laboring down" a baby --- getting the baby to move down the birth canal and get better positioned for the actual pushing phase -- since most women are already comfortable with "pushing" on the toilet (during bowel movements). I just recommend moving off the toilet for the actual birthing. But, hey, that's your choice to make!

BONUS: Leaking amniotic fluid or bloody show or other delightful pregnancy fluids? The toilet's got you covered!

BONUS: As with other upright positions, gravity is in your favor!

BONUS: At a hospital for labor? Lock the bathroom door, turn the lights low, and retreat from all the hustle and bustle.

Labor On,

Martha H.

Your Knoxville Doula, Chattanooga Doula, Cleveland TN Doula, East Tennessee Doula