physiological birth

Doulas. Not just for "Natural" Births.

I remember telling my husband that I booked a client who was scheduling a c-section birth.

He looked at me with his brow raised and asked, "Why? What are you going to be able to do?"

Poor hubby... he certainly got a mouthful from me at that moment, because there is SO MUCH that a doula can do for a c-section mama, from helping her throughout pregnancy by providing information to helping her develop a birth plan that includes a gentle c-section to breastfeeding support postpartum.

The point is -- doulas are NOT just for moms who want a drug-free/intervention-free birth, although that's sometimes where we shine with our knowledge of pain management techniques and physiological birth experience, we are still awesome at supporting moms in all sorts of birth situations:

*Non-Medicated Births
*Home Births
*Hospital Births
*Birth Center Births
*Water Births
*First Time Moms
*Fourth Time Moms

Basically, doulas can help ANY mom navigate her pregnancy and labor/delivery, arming her with knowledge, empowerment, and helping her to find her voice to help her have the experience of a lifetime. 

I STRONGLY believe that EVERY. SINGLE. pregnant mama deserves a doula in her corner. No matter what her birth choices are. So, even if you don't choose me to be your doula... please, choose someone. You deserve a doula.

Labor On, Ladies!

Your East Tennessee Darling Doula,

Martha H.

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