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Your Support Person & The Doula >>> Husbands, Dads, Moms, & More!

I often get told by women that they want me as their doula because they aren't confident in their support person's ability to adequately support them during the labor and want me to be able to provide the care that their husband/mom/dad/friend just can't do. 

My response is always two-fold.

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A. How do you know he/she won't be a great support person? (If they've had a baby before, they may be going on past experience, but, if they are a first time mom, then they could be guessing.) Never underestimate the ability of your husband (or other support person) to be there for you during labor. This isn't to say you don't need a doula - but, I never want a mom to expect that I will replace her partner. I want a mom to be able to see her partner as the knight in shining armor, which brings me to my next point...

B. I will NEVER replace your support person, but as your doula, I can help give them tasks to do to better support you while you're in labor. For example, I can mix up some message oil for them to rub on your back. I can hand them a cold wash cloth to place on your neck or forehead. I can have them give you the ice chips. I can have them stroke your hair. I can have them support you while you're squatting. When you look back on your labor, I don't want you to remember me (your Doula) as the one supporting you, but rather your partner (mom/dad/husband/etc), as they will be in your life forever and the support they provide you during labor and the bond formed during that time can strengthen a relationship like no other.

As your doula, I will be there for support, education, choices and more --- not just for your partner as well. <3

Happy Birthing!
Your Knoxville Doula/Chattanooga Doula,
Martha H.