knoxville hospitals

A Knoxville Doula Tells All...

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to give birth at Knoxville hospitals? This is where I, as your Knoxville Doula can come to the rescue! (Keep in mind, I serve most of East Tennessee, so this doesn't just apply to Knoxville, but also to Chattanooga, Cleveland, and beyond). 

As my client, you will have access to my knowledge base of area hospitals policies and procedures and well as personal anecdotal evidences of standards of care that I have witnessed at certain care facilities, such as Fort Sanders, Parkwest, UT, Lisa Ross, and more.

For example, does a facility promote that golden hour of bonding between baby and mama when baby is first born, or do they insist upon taking baby for "routine" warming and procedures?

Is pitocin regularly used at a certain hospital to speed up a "slow" labor?

Are water births allowed?

... and much, much, more! This is where your Knoxville Doula (me, Martha Howell!) can help you make the right decision about where to labor. I'll never make your decision for you (you'll hear me say that a hundred times), but I can provide you information to empower you to decide for yourself.