Doula "Work" is Life "Work"

The duties of a doula are to provide emotional and physical support to her client, but more than that a doula is committed to being a nonjudgmental, informative, calming presence; to being actively present; to being steady and still.

Isn't this something that we all deserve throughout our entire lives?

It hit me during a life-changing workshop that I attended this weekend.... DOULA WORK IS LIFE WORK. What I am as a doula is what I should be as a human. And nothing less. It sounds like a difficult goal, but one that I commit myself to strive towards.

I commit myself to be a nonjudgmental, informative, calming presence.
I commit myself to be actively present.
I commit myself to be steady and still.

ALWAYS. In life and in birth work.

Much thanks and gratitude to the toLabor Doula Training Organization and the amazing Thérèse Hak-Kun for the guidance and knowledge she imparted with such lovingness and transparency -- this weekend in D.C. will forever change my life and my doula work. 

Reston, VA -- Spring 2016 -- toLabor Workshop Participants

Reston, VA -- Spring 2016 -- toLabor Workshop Participants

With Love,
Your Doula Martha

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