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But You Don't LOOK Like A Doula....

As I wrote in a recent blog post "Does Your Doula's Personality Matter?" , people get strange notions in their heads about how a doula is "supposed" to act... and they also think a doula is supposed to LOOK a certain way.

Hippie with braids and a long flowing skirt, anyone?

I do love me some skirts, but I'm a little more mainstream in my appearance. (While I don't normally like pictures of myself, my husband -- photographer/co-owner of Howell Photography -- took some amazing shots to prove my point.) 

And, I may not act like your stereotypical doula either. 

For example, I'm personally not 100% crunchy (although I do love natural living and natural remedies -- I'm just not dogmatic about them). I'm relatively young(ish) (many people think of doulas as older women --- which some are!) I don't push my views on anyone. I don't fight with doctors. I don't make decisions for you. 

But, to tell you the truth, I think it's time we redefined this stereotype of what a doula looks like and how she acts. 

Because, the birth world is changing. And more and more professionals are entering the birth field hoping to educate and support women from all walks of life. And we, as birth professionals, also have unique backgrounds and experiences that will shape the way we do our doula work. 

And, that's okay.

Your Chattanooga Doula / Knoxville Doula,
Martha H.


Does Your Doula's Persona/Personality Matter?

One client recently told me that when she told people that she had hired a doula (me) her friends envisioned a flower-child, braid-adorned, hippy earth mama. While I LOVE my doula friends who fit that description, that is totally not me. There are also some doulas are who are super strong and assertive and rock 'n roll. I love them, too. But, again, totally not me. 

 I'm more of an "every-woman" doula... I'm Type A, creative, calm, and loving, yet assertive when needed. (You can read my extended bio here)

Why does it matter?

Your doula needs to be someone you and your partner feel extremely comfortable around. You may feel more empowered when you area around a rockstar doula. You may feel more at peace with a hippy doula. You may feel more in control and well-planned and organized with me, a Type-A "Every Woman" doula. 

It's really up to you -- your comfort level with the woman (or man!) you choose to be your doula and how well they can help you feel prepared and knowledgeable and support you -- do remember that they will be supporting you during labor -- emotionally and physically. 

I hope that helps make your decision for who to choose as your doula a little easier! There's a lot to be said for personality/persona and you may want a doula who is similar to you or someone completely different. It's your choice. And whatever choice you make will be the right one for you.