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One of My Favorite Doula Moments

As a doula, I get to experience all sorts of milestones alongside a woman, a child, and a family. So, with that I acquire quite a few "favorite doula moments" for each client I support.

However, I think one of my favorite moments of the past month has been with a mom who has learned to ask questions.

Question-asking really is a skill. And it takes confidence and courage. But, it's a huge step in becoming an active participant in your own pregnancy and birth experience.

So, who should you question? Everyone! What questions should you ask? All questions! 

Okay, that seems a little open-ended. But, I'm serious. If someone -- anyone (birth related or not!) presents something as fact, there is no shame in asking for evidence to support it. There is no shame in presenting your own evidence to counter other evidence. There is no shame in being a question-asker. In fact, quite the opposite.

There is power in being a question asker.

So, kudos to the question-asking mom! 

<3 Your East Tennessee Doula,