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Introducing ... Exclusive Doula Client Resource Pages!

This has been on my "to-do" list for awhile, but that list grows and grows with every new client that I walk along side (which is a GOOD thing). But, I finally did it! I now have all of my resource packet ONLINE for my doula clients!

The resource area (found in the upper tabs of the website) is now one of my perks for clients --- it's not available to the general public -- it's a result of many hours culling through the best evidence based research, recommendations for Chattanooga & Knoxville complementary care providers, and more. 

This "client resource" section is password protected (I email you the password when you become my client).

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you'll find this useful during your preparation for your birth and postpartum period, and I'm so excited it's now at your digital fingertips. 

Do you have suggestions for things I can add? Just let me know! I <3 My East Tennessee Doula clients, so I'll pretty much do anything you ask! (Within reason, lol!)

<3 Your East Tennessee Doula,

Doula "Work" is Life "Work"

The duties of a doula are to provide emotional and physical support to her client, but more than that a doula is committed to being a nonjudgmental, informative, calming presence; to being actively present; to being steady and still.

Isn't this something that we all deserve throughout our entire lives?

It hit me during a life-changing workshop that I attended this weekend.... DOULA WORK IS LIFE WORK. What I am as a doula is what I should be as a human. And nothing less. It sounds like a difficult goal, but one that I commit myself to strive towards.

I commit myself to be a nonjudgmental, informative, calming presence.
I commit myself to be actively present.
I commit myself to be steady and still.

ALWAYS. In life and in birth work.

Much thanks and gratitude to the toLabor Doula Training Organization and the amazing Thérèse Hak-Kun for the guidance and knowledge she imparted with such lovingness and transparency -- this weekend in D.C. will forever change my life and my doula work. 

Reston, VA -- Spring 2016 -- toLabor Workshop Participants

Reston, VA -- Spring 2016 -- toLabor Workshop Participants

With Love,
Your Doula Martha

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A Beautiful Love Letter

I'm not one to shout from the rooftops about how wonderful I am or how I'm such an amazing doula. In fact, sometimes when I meet with potential clients, I forget to talk about myself, because I get so enthralled with other people's stories and hearing more about their lives.

So, it's with humility that I wanted to share one of my latest reviews with you all. Not because I think I'm awesome, but because my clients value me enough to leave me some amazing feedback. And, if you're considering hiring me to support your Knoxville or Chattanooga birth, then maybe you'll find these words useful!

Here's my latest review by Amanda U., a doula client from earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.36.58 PM.png

To read more love letters, hop on over to DoulaMatch.net.

<3 Your East Tennessee Doula,

Doulas Can Help Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Having a doula is not a magic wand. Sometimes I dearly wish it was. However, things don't always go how you/we planned --- whether it's in birth or postpartum / physical or emotional. But, even though I can't guarantee outcomes, I can guarantee support. And with that support, I can provide you with options, choices, and resources to make the best of any situation. 

doula support in knoxville and chattanooga

I'm your professional doula lemonade maker, if you will. 

If you're handed "lemons" during labor, as your doula, I can give you options and alternatives and support to make the difficult decisions.

If you're handed "lemons" after labor, again, as your doula, I can give you options and alternatives, as well as outside resources (I have a huge list of support persons in the area ranging from postpartum counselors to lactation consultants). 

However your birth goes --- beautifully as planned or beautifully as unplanned --- I'll be there for you. Holding that beautiful pitcher of lemonade begging you to drink from it.

<3 Your Chattanooga & Knoxville Doula,