Doulas for Everyone?

True. Most of my doula clients come to me because they want support achieving an all-natural, un-medicated birth.

But, did you know that doula support can be amazingly useful for other situations? C-Sections? Yep. Inductions? True. Planned Epidurals? Absolutely.  

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You see, doulas aren't just about helping you get a physiological birth, our main objective is to help inform you with your options and choices and to aid in you feeling like an active participant in your own birth experience -- no matter what type of birth experience that may be. 

So, if you want an all natural birth, call me! If you are having a planned c-section, call me! In fact, if you are having any sort of birth, call me!

<3 Your Knoxville & Chattanooga Doula,
Martha Howell

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