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When a new mom describes her traumatic birth and the person she's talking to says "healthy baby and healthy mama are all that matters", I cringe. While, it probably is the most important thing in the birth -- that baby and mama are healthy at the end; it's not the only thing. If you've ever had a birth where you didn't feel like an active participant, or perhaps you didn't give your permission for a certain procedure, or maybe it was just disappointing, then you know that there are other things that important. Bad birth experiences can even cause post-partum anxiety, depression, or post traumatic stress syndrome. 

To help avoid that, a doula can help you determine what matters to you. Maybe it's feeling in control. Perhaps it's being comfortable. Or knowing all of your options. Or not being medicated. Or having a vaginal birth. Or having your partner be an active participant. 

Whatever is important to you -- a doula can help support you. A doula can help you determine ways to try to achieve your desired outcome, in addition to a "healthy baby / healthy mama". 

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