A Doula's Thoughts on Rooming In & Newborn Nurseries

Should I Send My Newborn to the Hospital's Newborn Nursery? A Doula's Response.

Knoxville & Chattanooga hospitals are becoming more and more "baby friendly" and encouraging new moms to keep their babies in the room with them (ie. "rooming in"). This can be an AWESOME thing, because constant skin-to-skin can not only help moms produce more of that "feel good" hormone (oxytocin), but it can also help stimulate milk production and help your mature milk come in faster -- and of course, this helps you get to know your newborn better and faster and bond! And, there's no risk of any accidental bottles or pacifiers being given to your breastfed baby if they are with you constantly.

But, is it wrong to send your baby to the newborn nursery? This doula says "NO!" It's totally up to you -- a personal decision. And, you don't have to send them there for a huge chunk of time -- did you know you could just let them go for 2-3 hours? Depending on your circumstances, you may feel like having a nurse watch your little one while you get a couple of hours of blissful sleep (especially after a long and hard labor!). This rest may help you be restored enough to feel emotionally and physically better and more present for your baby. Keep in mind if you choose this route and you're breastfeeding, be sure to make sure they know to not give your baby a bottle and instead to bring baby right back to you if they show signs of hunger or in 2-3 hours (whichever comes first). Most hospitals are absolutely on board with this and understand the need for a stellar start to breastfeeding.

Don't feel ashamed if you need to take advantage of the baby nursery in your hospital. And don't feel weird if you'd rather have your baby with you 24/7, rooming in. It's your choice. Just be informed and make your own decision -- no pressure, no mom shaming allowed.

<3 Your Knoxville & Chattanooga Doula,
Martha :: Hello, Darling Doula

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