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I'm sure almost every pregnant mama out there wants a short and easy labor, right? Seriously, I've never heard someone say, "I want my labor to be long and difficult"...So, ladies... what if I told you that there is scientific research that shows that eating one specific food in late pregnancy can lead to a shorter and easier labor? 

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It's true! There are now numerous studies that back up the idea of eating DATES in late pregnancy for a smoother labor! 

#1. More "Favorable" Cervical Conditions: One of the studies showed that the cervical dilation in 200+ women (upon admittance to the hospital) was an average of 4 centimeters in the women who consumed dates since 37 weeks gestation as compared to 2.97 centimeters in the women who did not eat dates. Scientists postulate that the dates are acting as a ripening agent (which is important to cervical change!) http://jmrh.mums.ac.ir/article_2772_0.html

#2. Lower Induction Rates: Another study showed that the rate of spontaneous labor in those who ate dates was 96% whereas those who went sans dates had a spontaneous labor rate of only 79%! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21280989

#3. More Successful Inductions (when needed): Inductions were also shown to be more successful in women who had consumed dates when compared to those who did not. 

#4. Shorter Labor: This one should really stand out to you... The women who had dates in the last four weeks of pregnancy had latent labor phases that lasted 510 minutes; whereas the women who did *not* eat the dates labored longer (906 minute latent labor phases). 

The risks seem to be minimal (if not non-existent) to eating dates, so there should be little holding you back. This doula says... "Go EAT DATES!"

Labor On,
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