You Might Need A Doula IF...

You might be surprised at some of the items on this list .... You might need a doula IF....

* You want a non-medicated birth and are birthing in a birth center, at home, or in a hospital (okay... yeah.. I covered all the bases, because a doula can be useful in ALL settings, but especially in the hospital.)

* You want to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth.

* You want to be able to voice your thoughts during labor and birth.

* You want to be able to use position changes during birth to facilitate in pain relief and progress of your baby.

* You want help knowing your options during birth, especially alternatives to medical interventions.

* You want support having a gentle c-section (YES, doulas do attend c-sections!)

* You want support during an induction, to either navigate through it without an epidural or to keep it moving even if you choose an epidural.

* You want a calming female presence to be with you during your birthing time.

* You want your partner to be involved and to be given ideas of how to help you during labor.

* You want to use water effectively during labor.

* You want to have access to the latest evidence based research concerning labor practices.

... I could keep going with the list, but these are just a few that pop into my brain at the moment. What was YOUR reason for having a doula? I <3 Comments, so leave me a comment below!

Your Chattanooga & Knoxville Doula,