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A Chattanooga Birth in Photos (Erlanger, Downtown)

Baby Silas' Chattanooga Birth & Newborn Session


I have a "thing" against describing others' births in words, unless specifically asked to! Afterall, no one truly knows what the birth was like except for the birthing person and her partner! So, on this blog from now on - instead of saying words like "such a beautiful birth" (which, yes, to ME all births are beautiful) or that the mom was "so strong and brave" (ALL moms are strong and brave), you'll just see photos of the birth... I'll let them speak!! After all, that's what birth photography is here to do, right?

Martha H.
Owner, Lead Birth Photographer
East Tennessee Birth Photography

Baby Selah's Enters the World @ Knoxville's UT Medical Center

Baby Selah has some of the most precious parents -- both inside and out -- in the world. I had the pleasure of walking alongside this family as their doula and birth photography and was able to witness the strength, determination, and love they showed leading up to and during the time of baby's birth! 

Welcome to the world, Baby Selah!

East Tennessee Birth Photographer
Knoxville, UT Medical Center