birth photos

A Beautiful Birth at UT Medical Center, Knoxville

This birth was a whirlwind... with mom coming into UT Medical Center at approx 5 cm, but then quickly finishing her dilation within 30-45 minutes. Phew! Talk about hard work --- she did it --- rockstar!!! I'm especially in love with images featuring mom and dad locking eyes and connecting in a celebratory "We did it!". 

I was definetely blessed to be a part of this birth experience both as birth photographer and birth doula!

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Knoxville Birth Photography @ Parkwest. Precious Baby "L".

As Danielle's doula & birth photographer for her Knoxville birth, I was able to witness this determined mother work SO hard to bring her baby girl into the world. She was amazing and isn't her precious baby "L" so sweet?

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