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A Beautiful Birth at UT Medical Center, Knoxville

This birth was a whirlwind... with mom coming into UT Medical Center at approx 5 cm, but then quickly finishing her dilation within 30-45 minutes. Phew! Talk about hard work --- she did it --- rockstar!!! I'm especially in love with images featuring mom and dad locking eyes and connecting in a celebratory "We did it!". 

I was definetely blessed to be a part of this birth experience both as birth photographer and birth doula!

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Knoxville (Tennova Physician's Regional) Birth Photography

Knoxville (Tennova Physician's Regional) Birth Photography by Martha

Words can NOT begin to express the amazingly loving experience this couple had during the birth of their son. Thankfully they have more than words --- they have their birth photos to tell the story. Enjoy!

<3 Your EastTennessee Birth Photographer,
Martha H

Knoxville Birth Photography @ Parkwest. Precious Baby "L".

As Danielle's doula & birth photographer for her Knoxville birth, I was able to witness this determined mother work SO hard to bring her baby girl into the world. She was amazing and isn't her precious baby "L" so sweet?

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