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East Tennessee Birth Photography brings a talented group of birth photographers to you all in one spot. Each member of our group takes time during the month as the on-call birth photographer, so you are guaranteed to have a talented, vetted, UH-MAZING birth photographer capturing your birth! ONE OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS IS ALWAYS ON CALL FOR YOUR BIRTH!

Why a team? The amazing thing for you as a client of East Tennessee Birth Photography's team is that you have FOUR birth photographers in the area that can drop what they are doing to attend your birth. The beauty for us is that we don't all have to live our lives on-call 24/7 (phew... can you imagine having to be prepared to leave your kiddos' birthday party, your relaxing day at the spa, or any other fun event every moment of your life at just a moment's notice for every single day of your life!? That's what Martha was doing before she added a team!) Martha personally vetted, interviewed, and carefully looked through each team member's birth photography to ensure that each birth photographer for East Tennessee Birth Photography is up to an AMAZING standard. You won't be dissappointed! So, when the time comes for your baby to arrive, we simply give you the number of your photographer that is on call and it's that easy!

Rachel Furland, Birth Photographer

Rachel furland



I am a wife and momma to the most amazing little girl. Art has always been my passion and (besides photography), I enjoy everything from drawing to crocheting to crafting. Health and fitness are also a huge part of my life. I love to dance and sing at the top of my lungs driving in my car.


During my college years in NYC, I was majoring in graphic design but along the way discovered my love for photography. When I relocated to TN, I went on to work as the Newborn photographer for a local hospital and have photographed over 1500 newborn babies. I am also a Wedding Photographer and my wedding photography company is Lux Amore Photography. In 2019 I took over ownership/management of ETBP from Martha Howell who founded the company.




I am a story teller. Photography is not just a collection of images to me, it is a story. At a young age I started taking photos of every trip, special event, and sometimes just the day to day, and putting them in albums. What more amazing story could be told than that of the day that a new life begins! Birth photography is powerful, emotional, and priceless. It is my honor to be privy to such an amazing day in the history of your family.

Just a bit more about me: I live in Knoxville with my own two blue-eyed babies, and although they aren't really babies anymore, it seems like yesterday that they were born!  I always start my day with a cup of coffee, and my very favorite drink is a raspberry latte. I love whole in the wall restaurants, unique boutiques, and antique shops full of treasures. Kayaking is my favorite way to spend my free time, or on more lazy days, you can find me watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix. 

Lili East Tennessee Birth PHotographer


Birth Photographer

I am a full time nursing school student, avid crafter, photographer, and lover of all things chocolate. I began my photography journey 5 years ago and my love for it has only grown since. That feeling of freezing a moment in time for everyone to remember is priceless.

Lili has a talent for capturing the entire birthing scene as it unfolds, not missing a moment or a beat. And, as a nursing student, her ability to be 100% comfortable around medical events and birthing situations is an absolute bonus as a birth photographer.




I was born to be a wife and mom. I love my boys! Most days, I look at their faces and think to myself, “These boys give me life!” Then other days I feel like they suck the life right out of me! Ha! Photography and documenting my family's experiences through scrapbooking is what I do for me. I love preserving our story for future generations. I am also  an adventurer. We make some really great memories traveling and camping with friends. All of these things make me happy but my joy is found in my relationship with Jesus Christ and I strive to glorify Him in all that I do.

I have been a photographer for a little over five years now. My zeal for capturing birth stories began in 2014. The raw emotion and beauty of birth is my absolute favorite thing to photograph. I can’t wait to tell your story!

one of our talented team members is ALWAYS on call for you, and ready to photograph your birth, no matter when your labor may occur!


East Tennessee Birth Photographers passionately believe that birthing moms should be fully supported emotionally and physically. Hiring a doula is a great way to ensure your needs are being met!

barb doula backup



Barb has been coined the "Birth Sherpa" by a friend, and it's no wonder, due to her vast experience attending births as a nurse and/or doula. She also teaches invaluable childbirth preparation classes that were conceived as Birthing From Within and have grown into her own special concoction of the most helpful tidbits she's learned and observed along the way.

Barb is a wife and mother. She and her husband have also taken over the family farm, raising sheep, cattle, and chickens and growing produce. Barb is easy-going, fun to be around, and a great person to have in your birth-corner.